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Summer Term 1
Summer/Fall Term

Our next session will start on June 27 and end on August 19. The classes are for anyone who wants to work with clay, from beginners to those who wish to improve their skills and understanding of the medium. Classes are small (no more than 8) and the approach is relaxed, but sometimes serious about techniques and design ideas.

The studio is equipped with 8 potters wheels, an extruder and a slab roller. Students are asked to bring their own basic tools, but there are specialized tools available such as texture implements, a heat gun, colored slips and other items for those who wish to experiment. For glazes there are about 20 tried and tested cone 6 glazes that are formulated at the studio.

Commercial clay is purchased at the studio for $25 per bag. At this time we are using Standard 153 Buff Clay, Standard 112 Speckled Brown Clay, Standard 630 White Stoneware and Laguna 50 clay. The cost of the clay includes the cost of the glazes and two firings. We also have basic tool sets available for $14.

Beginners will find a series of demonstrations to get them involved with important aspects of clay. We also bring in advanced items and demonstration on specialized techniques. Classes are all about the students and we make every effort to provide a stimulating and worthwhile environment for everyone.

The Schedule

Kids          Tue.      6 to 8 PM              Rebecca McKeever     $125 (no class July 4)
Adults       Wed.     6 to 8:30 PM         Jim Privitera                $160
Beginners  Thu.      6 to 8:30 PM         Jim Priivtera                $160
Adults       Fri.        1 to 3:30 PM         Jim Priivtera                $160
Adults       Sat.       9:30 to noon         Carlos Dowling            $160