About us
March Session

Earthworks Pottery was organized in 2008 in a small space in Wasena. That space provided an opportunity to sell my work and improve my skills as a potter. In time I knew that I wanted to do more and opened the current facility in Vinton in January 2010. The larger space provided an opportunity to offer classes as well as develop a nice gallery for displaying and selling my work.

I got started in pottery in 1998 when I had a huge gap in my teaching schedule (photography & computer graphics) at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland. The college allowed us to enroll in classes outside of our area and I had always wanted to work with clay. From then until I retired in 2006 I became a regular at the pottery studio. Like most beginners I abused huge quantities of clay, but after a while I found that it could be tamed and my work was starting to resemble useful objects. It also became a creative outlet that had me hooked.

The very first instructor pointed out that with some effort we could develop our skills and then the limitation is imagination. Clay also has some other qualities that encourage social skills and seem to encourage a sense of serenity. I sometimes joke about the zen qualities of clay, but I do think it is very real and many of us find it to be much more than just making objects.

I am an active member of the Blue Ridge Potters Guild. The guild offers excellent workshops, an annual sale and the opportunity to interact with other potters. The BRPG is a great deal and I especially like the chance to interact with others who share this interest.

My work is mostly functional pottery for the kitchen and home. I always have the hope that those who purchase my work develop some relationship with the piece(s). Examples would be a favorite mug or soup bowl. If you buy one of my pieces please use it and enjoy it. If it is less than satisfying please let me know, as I do want my work to improve.

There are many influences in my work. Nature seems to be a primary force for many potters and it is with me. There are so many inspiring things in nature. The trees, plants and physical environment of Southwest Virginia seem to expand our sense of the world. It always refreshes me and piques my interest to wander through the woods or along a stream observing the wealth of forms, textures and colors.

I cannot deny the influence of other potters. After many years of trying to build my skills at perfecting symmetry and consistency I am exploring freer, more organic forms. Some of the potters that produce this type of work have certainly influenced me. However, I do not wish to replicate their work. My interest is in the freedom of form and complementing that form with earth tones and textures.

The Studio

The space is divided into two primary rooms, one for clay work, the other for glaze work.

There are eight potter's wheels, a slab roller and an extruder in the work-room. The glaze room has about 20 glazes and some work space. Currently there are two electric kilns in the kiln room. They are L&L kilns with computer controls. I also have a room set aside for storing chemicals and mixing glazes.

The Gallery

The gallery is on the first floor of the studio in Vinton. The gallery is available by appointment or just by stopping by when I am in the studio. The work changes frequently as I develop new items or designs. Although the gallery gets a little messy from time to time, I always welcome visitors.